About Us

Crab Pot Café is a new business that opened in May 2017. It is run by the welcoming owner Michael and his team who are always ready to help! 
Crab Pot Café is a vibrant fresh looking café with comfortable seating arrangements including tables and chairs, banquette seating and even a sofa. We also offer free Wifi and USB charging ports for phones.
We are located in the bustling seaside town of Cromer which is popular to tourists all year round. We get involved with events in the summer months such as Cromer Carnival and the Crab and Lobster festival. In the winter we will be arranging events in the evenings to ward off those winter blues. See our events page.

Our Charity Work

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We help raise money for Nepal in need by having a charity box situated within the café
What Nepal in need do 
Nepal in Need runs three health posts in Eastern Nepal. Two were purpose built and one, Gudel, in Solu district, is run in conjunction with the government as a joint venture. In Gudel, we have added equipment, a highly qualified member of staff (HA) and extra drugs. Gontala health post is situated at 10,000 feet, near to where Gyaljen Sherpa (trustee and founder) was born.

All health posts are open seven days a week and staffed entirely by Nepali health workers . All health posts provide emergency medical assistance, general primary health care, maternal care , drugs, basic dental provision and participate in the government TB, innoculation and family planning programmes.

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Our Tea and Coffee

We pride our selves with having outstanding tea and coffee this is mainly due to the companies that we use.

Grumpy Mule made with 100% arabica coffee beans results in a smooth coffee with rich flavours and aromas. We also use Grumpy Mule because of their ethical sourcing of the coffee beans as they work with Fairtrade and the Rainforest Alliance.

Teapigs is a high quality very popular brand throughout the UK, so naturally we wanted to use this quality tea for our cafe. We stock 19 different varieties of tea blends to choose from to make our customers spoilt for choice. This means there's always something for everyone.